Dynamics Hub

We help you design, run and manage your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM

Dynamics Hub

Managed services and capabilities to help you get the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are a Joint venture among former Microsoft executives
and an awarded Microsoft Gold Partner

Our main goal is QUALITY

Hiring excellent people

Focusing of professional development and skill building

Working for the largest system integrators: using the best methodologies in the most complex projects



    A dedicated pool of resources to extend your Microsoft Dynamics project and support teams

    We can put together a team of Dynamics specialists dedicated to you, extending your team in a distributed environment. We can increase your output while reducing costs.

      When do you need this?
    • If you are having a hard time hiring and securing excellent and cost-effective talent in your home location
    • If you need to cover a migration, a release change, and additional module installation without defocusing your core team
    • If you are pressed to deliver more with the same budget
    • If changes in development goals require fast scaling, and you cannot afford a long-lasting hiring process

    Jump start a Microsoft Dynamics development team without the need of managing it

    You can start a project without investing time and efforts in the team management. Our Managed Team takes care of the most time-consuming tasks and improves your productivity. We deliver on schedule while you maintain control.

      When do you need this?
    • Shortage of in-house staff to start a development
    • If you need to start a development while being heavily involved in maintenance and support
    • If you need to ramp up a team quickly, and don’t want to manage hiring and HR processes

    Define your budget, “pass” the project risks to us, and get the project delivered

    The Project-based model is ideal for customers with clear goals, detailed project specifications and limited budget. You define your expected result, and we deliver it.

      When do you need this?
    • If a low-risk option is required to deliver your project within specific time and budget
    • If you do not want to establish a permanent development team in some areas
    • If you do not want to take on the risk burden of managing additional projects

    Improve the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics services ad increase customer satisfaction

    AMS (Application Maintenance or Support) Managed Services model is right for you whether you need to free up your team’s time or you need to scale up without internal resources. Our technical expertise adds to your capacity while reducing costs.

      When do you need this?
    • If you have limited in-house capabilities, and you need to obtain expertise
    • If you are facing budget pressure, and need to supplement your internal staff
    • If you require predictable support costs to prevent problems and avoid disrupting business operations