Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics AX combines a large set of basic functionalities with an innovative approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that allows people to work more effectively and the company to change rapidly to take on new opportunities.


Microsoft Dynamics AX is the comprehensive ERP solution that quickly adds value to your organization and supports the operational requirements of your company and the specific requirements of your business sector. Microsoft Dynamics supports several vertical and operational functionalities (production, distribution, retail, services, public administration) embedded into a single solution. It also includes support to business activities in 36 countries and lets you generate reports according to predefined models and customizable workflows with a user interface designed around their role.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX widens business opportunities, modifies processes, and differentiates work thanks to a comprehensive ERP software that is more agile than ever. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to plan, monitor, and modify organizational processes, implement software flexibly into your business, and facilitate change evolution through the use of agile technology.


Microsoft Dynamics AX allows users to interact with a business management solution that is easy to use, implement, and manage, providing easy access to data and processes. With Microsoft Dynamics AX you can quickly access business data and processes; improve cooperation thanks to the embedded self-service functionalities for employees, customers, suppliers, and partners; and manage the application lifecycle to optimize IT processes, including changes following initial implementation.